selena gomez is my queen.

Selena saying hi to a fan via keek.


BFF day more like BFF chicken wings day.

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This 3 israelies boys has kidnapped 18 days ago by 2 terrorists. 2 of them are 16 and one is 19. they took a ride from school and they didn’t know what is waiting for them. think about how those 3 kids are our age. they had so much to do, so many dreams, and 2 guys took it from them in one night. their parents are devastaded and israel too. I couldn’t be more shocked as i am right now. How can you take lives from someone so young and pure that didn’t got to go on a summer vacation. All my prays are going to their families. Rip Eyal, Gil and Naftali.

This is so sad.

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It’s summer, isn’t it…


My best friend just sent me this from Paris :)

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